Pink Geode Necklace

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Product Description

Millions of years ago a hollow cavity formed within a lava flow, among some tree roots, or maybe even in an animal's paw print in the mud. While the outer edges hardened into a spherical shape the real magic happened as groundwater filled with a variety of minerals made its way down from the surface and began to flow around and through these rocks. These minerals, including quartz, amethyst, and calcite among others got deposited on the inside of developing geodes over long periods of time.

When you open a geode you reveal crystal points and/or layers of banded crystals inside the geode's cavity. Like a fingerprint, every geode is unique, because each geode has a unique composition that is different from every other geode.

You can have your own little slice of history. Strung with deep pink quartz beads on silver-plated chain, this necklace is 19.5 inches long with the geode slice being approximately 1.5 inches long.

Pink Geode Necklace Pink Geode Necklace

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