Hammered Sterling Silver and Aventurine

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Product Description

We all appreciate when life is made simple. Earrings that go from day to night are more than a luxury, they are a necessity. These modern sterling silver rectangles are hand-cut and hammered with a genuine green aventurine bead that gently bounces along with every step you take. The shiny silver reflects light and adds a hint of sparkle wherever life takes you.

The silver rectangle is approximately one inch long and 1/2 inch wide.

Green aventurine was used to adorn statues in ancient Tibet. The Tibetans would affix aventurine gemstones to the eyes, believing the green quartz would enhance the visionary powers of the statues. This belief remains at the heart of aventurine meaning. The ancient Tibetans also wore jewelry made with aventurine to help correct nearsightedness and bolster creativity. It has long been thought to bring abundance, good luck and opportunity, and is often called "the Stone of Opportunity."

Hammered Sterling Silver and Aventurine Hammered Sterling Silver and Aventurine

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