Flirty Flower Necklace

$24.00 USD


Product Description

Beautifully crafted ceramic flowers in shades of blue make this necklace a charming and unique addition to your jewelry collection. It drapes gracefully just below your collar bone, perfect for scoop neck tops or peeking through the collar of a button up shirt.

Flirty Flower Necklace Flirty Flower Necklace Flirty Flower Necklace

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Welcome to Romance and Rhinestones. I have been handcrafting jewelry for over ten years and love creating one of a kind items for you to enjoy. I don't limit myself to one style, but rather follow the inspiration I feel when I see the wonderful colors and textures of the materials. Sometimes dainty and delicate, sometimes bold and chunky, sometimes even a little funky. Happy shopping!